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About Us

An Artisan is defined as a worker in a skilled trade, who produces high quality or distinctive products in limited quantities, usually by hand or other traditional methods. At the onset, our founder was inspired by Artisan methods. By handcrafting products, our founder understood that when someone’s pure heart and soul went into producing a certain good, the resulting product was purely impeccable and could never be replicated perfectly. This became our philosophy at Artisan Charms – to provide beautiful, handcrafted products to our customers where no two similar products are the exact same.

Here at Artisan Charms, we also believe in full self-expression. Simply put, be yourself. As mentioned above, our philosophy to handcraft our goods ensures that no two similar products are ever exactly the same – we believe humans should be the exact same way. Our distinctive products help people showcase their true personalities as well as their passions/desires. At the end of the day, why would you want to be anyone aside from yourself? Embrace it, be happy with it, and be the absolute best version of yourself. Let Artisan Charms assist you in being who you are and who you were meant to be! Just like our products, we also believe no two individuals should be the same.

Artisan Charms sells high-quality products and various accessories to different niche audiences. We have something in store for every unique customer! We are always studying our users and audiences to see who they are and what they truly like, and in turn, this helps us better introduce new products into our store (something we do constantly).

As always, thanks for your full support! If you ever have any questions or concerns, or even if you want to speak to someone before putting in your order, contact us anytime at If there are any products that you would like for us to manufacture or if you have any business questions, feel free to also contact us above.

The Artisan Charms Team